[CR]eBay outing: 1973 Nishiki Competition, 25" frame

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From: "nath" <ferness261@voyager.net>
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Subject: [CR]eBay outing: 1973 Nishiki Competition, 25" frame
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 15:46:50 -0600

Well, here's a shameless, self-promoting eBay outing! I'd posted this Nishiki frame on the CR list three weeks or so ago, and got a few e-mails about it, but nothing definite, so I've posted it on eBay now with a starting bid of $49.99. Here's the link to cut-and-paste:


This one's been mine for 28 years, so it's a bit like parting with an old friend, but it always was too big (my other 2 bikes are 23" and 59cm). It's a nice vintage Japanese frame, double-butted cro-mo; the fork's included (and the headset, too, which needs replacement).

So if you need or have a yen for something in the 25" range and you like bright orange, this might do it. (The listing has six photos so you can get a look at the original orange paint job!)

Nath Dresser Spring Green, WI (where the temps *might* have reached 40 today. . . .)