[CR]Classic Rendezvous wool jersey lettering

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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 17:44:12 -0500
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Herb Langston" <langston@interaccess.com>
Subject: [CR]Classic Rendezvous wool jersey lettering

One of the first batch of designs that Dale saw had a new script logo in a different script font. It was, of course, typographically perfect. Yet it was not the Classic Rendezvous logo. The logo that you see on the CR web site may not be perfect, but what it lacks in uniform consistency it makes up for in integrity. It is what it is. So I chose to use that instead of making a new logo. Yes, I was tempted to mess with it a bit, but left it alone (except for spacing the two words a little further apart to make up for the fact that the embroidered logo will not have a second color outline to separate the overlapped characters, as on the CR web site logo).

Having been a Creative Director for 20+ years, I'm used to constructive criticism. But I'm also used to saying "Thanks for the suggestions, but it is what it is".

If you would like to redo the logo, talk to Dale about it. The logo for the web site/store would have to be revised as well. I can forward you the original logo Illustrator file that was sent to me. But the logo for the CR jerseys is already in Switzerland right now, being made into an embroidery template. It's up to Dale to decide whether or not to stop production. My advice would be to go ahead.

Herb Langston Evanston, IL

>Very nice job on the jersey....
>The lettering has just a few problems though.
>--The "s" in rendezvous lacks its defining forward return stroke. This would
>be optional in an italic but is essential in a script. An underscoring design
>element would seem more natural if developed from the "z". Its descender
>could give you a much stronger swash.
>--The caps, which are more of a monoweight, have a different thick to thin
>ratio from the lower case.
>--The slant of the characters varies over the length of the word in
> The slant in "Classic" is consistent though.
>--The "C" and the "l" in "Classic" could use a little more space between
>These are just a few refinements but they would make a big difference in the
>jersey's impact.
>This is going to turn out mighty fine.
>Calvert "Just can't get away from the day job" Guthrie
>Kansas City