RE: [CR]does regina synchro work with friction set up? inquiring minds...

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Subject: RE: [CR]does regina synchro work with friction set up? inquiring minds...
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 08:24:58 -0500
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Well, I happen to have a LOT of experience with the Campy Sycro 7-speed items, as I fought the early battles with this stuff when it was new and I still have 2 groups in use, so here goes:

The Regina 7-speed freewheel will work fine in friction mode. However, be aware that it does NOT work well in syncro mode. The cog spacing is off by just enough to make life miserable when using Syncro shifting. In fact, the specing for the Regina Syncro freewheel with early Campy Syncro groups was one of the main reasons that the these early Syncro groups got a bad rap when first released.

If you want to make Campy Syncro groups shift well, pitch the Regina and switch to a Sachs/SRAM freewheel with the profiled teeth. Also use a Sachs/SRAM SC-89R chain, or whatever the current/updated part number is in the Sachs line. It should be an 8-speed chain. Also make sure that that rear shift cable "loop" (I'm refering to the loop that the cable forms as it comes off of the rear chainstay and circles down to the rear derailleur) is a bit larger in diameter than normal. At least larger than diameter than needed for friction shifting.

Also be aware that the syncro insert in the shifter housing will wear out eventually. This is first evidenced by the shifter shipping and the chain jumping. At first, you may think your chain/freewheel is worn, but the insert most likely needs to be changed. Now, be sure to replace the insert with the same colored insert that came in the shifter housing originally, as I think there are 2-4 color combos in both 6 & 7 speed. Anyway, Campy made a special tool to replace this insert but any space chimp can usually accomplish this change with care and a good set of needle nose pliers.

Maybe this is more than you wanted to know, but have fun.

Dave Patrick Chelsea, Michigan

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hello dear list,

a question from me:

I see a regina syncro 7 speed freewheel for sale from the CR list--I would like to have as many freewheels as possible (memories of my father's beautiful old '50s polaroid land camera w/ collapseable lens that he had to finally throw away because they no longer made the film--don't want that to happen to my old 6 & 7 speed bikes because of an inevitable freewheel shortage)--ANYWAY: the question is: CAN a "synchro" freewheel work smoothly and effortlessly on a friction (mid 80's) campy athena gruppo?

my memory is that the gruppo was originally synchro--a feature I chose to ignore in favor of having what I considered to be the much cooler super record shifters. of course, as you all know, shifting never presented a problem.

sorry to go on--if anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

thanks in advance,

ricky garni
carrboro, nc