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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 18:43:25 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Tom Oswald (off topic ?)
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Hi All,

I guess I must be one of the very lucky ones, because I now own -two- Oswald frames (plus two Oswald cyclocross forks). I just received the newest one. It's a lugged steel singlespeed cyclocross frameset. It's very nicely made. The entire experience was pleasant, and I certainly recommend Tom. It'll likely be a little while before I build this frame up, but I can say that the other one (a 700c wheeled mountain bike) is a great ride.

Regards, Dennis Cotcamp Saginaw, MI

On 12/14/01 5:12 PM, "" <> wrote:
> In a message dated 12/14/2001 10:47:33 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> RaleighPro531 writes:
> << I ................was surprised that there was a framebuilder I hadn't
> heard of in PA much less in Mansfield!.................... I saw that he
> builds with lugs so took that as a good sign. I'll look at anything with lugs!
> Can I take your posting his having worked and trained under you as an
> endorsement?................PS: You can go to the list with this if you want.
> I figured new frames were off topic. >>
> I think we said early on that the CR could be used to talk about
> traditionally built bikes (lugged, filet, etc.) like Baylis, Sachs, Bohemian,
> DB(?) etc? As long as we don't get carried away..!
> In any case, Tom Oswald is a VERY scale small builder .. Just for the record,
> he is the most patient, focussed craftsman I have every worked with.
> Heres the story:
> A few years ago, I invited the guys (and gals!) who worked for me at CDO to
> come out to my workshop and build a frame. (Some of you visited my little
> shop-old bike storage place at past Cirques..) Four shop persons accepted
> the invitation.. Only two of them made finished frames! Steve M made a
> cyclocross frame that was rideable but cobby in extreme... Tom, first time
> out, made a damned beautiful frame!
> He has probably made only 30 + - frames but he is extremely meticulous. No
> fancy Bridgeport milling machines or lathes, he does all of it by hand. He
> doesn't paint the frames but does everything else. Check him out in his web
> site:
> <A HREF="">Tom </A><A
> HREF="">Oswald custom frames</A>
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