Re: [CR]Can one "fix" a Peugeot stem ?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Can one "fix" a Peugeot stem ?
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 01:57:01 -0600

I've had pretty good luck with the much-maligned AVA stems, but they did crack. As to buying a quality stem, remember the PX-10 will require a 22.0 French quill diameter and probably a 25.0 French bar clamp diameter. If you're now nervous about using another AVA, the Pivo stems of that era are still fairly common in vintage bike circles, and have a better reputation in regard to cracking. Sheldon also lists on his web site some slightly more recent Belleri and ATAX NOS stems in 22.0x25.0. While you're at it though, carefully inspect the bars for cracks. The AVA bars on many PX-10s cracked much more often than the stems. If the bars are cracked as well, and you aren't a stickler for strick original equipment, you could change out both bars and stem to Cinelli, TTT, etc. Cinelli stems did come in 22.0 as well as 22.2. or a 22.2 is relatively easily sanded down.


Jerry Moos

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Subject: Re: [CR]Can one "fix" a Peugeot stem ?

> On Thu, 6 Dec 2001 wrote:
> > My son and I were getting ready for a ride yesterday, and he was going to
> > ride his 1975(?) PX-10 as recently mentioned on the list. I had gone over to
> > Sears and bought a 7mm Allen key to fit this odd "Peugeot" labeled stem,
> > because nothing I had would fit it and it was, to my eye, dangerously too
> > high. So, we got it loose and as it came out we found it was cracked through
> > in the split region where the expander cone lodges !
> It was an AVA stem, right? Through that garbage away and get a quality
> stem.