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Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 04:33:34 -0600

An even more difficult combo is old Zeus cranks with 16mm bolts. Because Zeus used these in combination with 22mm extractor thread on the arms, the fit is even tighter than Stronglight. You really need an old thin wall crank bolt tool, as most ratchet sockets are too thick. The old Stronglight extractor tools work well on Zeus bolts (but not arms). The Stronglight tool used to be sold in bike shops for a couple of dollars. They included the extractor, which had a 16mm head on the extactor bolt. The tool also included a 16mm thin walled socket and lever bar. The socket was used not only to turn the extractor, but also to remove the 16mm Stronglight crank bolts. Another of those odd but clever little French bits.


Jerry Moos

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> > Unless you have a Park tool I never heard of, your tool will ruin a
> > Stronglight crank. It is the correct size for a TA crank (23mm), and will
> > seem to work on a Stronglight (23.35) - will thread in OK, but will strip
> > the threads when the going gets tough. Many old Stronglights have been
> > ruined by Park removers.
> >
> I had previously used the TA end of this Park Tool with success a few times
> on Stronglight 93's, until I tried it on the rather stubbornly attached 93's
> of my Gitane Tour de France, which it pulled right through the threads of. I
> obtained a real Stronglight-sized tool from Gilbert Anderson
> (, inexpensively, and not only does it properly fit
> Stronglights, but it also was able to pull the crank I had ripped the threads
> out of with the Park tool !
> The hard Park tool to find that is advertised here is that crank-bolt wrench
> with the 14/15/16 heads. True Stronglight bolts are 16mm, requiring Very
> Thinwalled sockets (grind your own or get a SnapOn ?) because of lack of
> clearance between the bolt head and the pesky Stronglight puller threads.
> The Park tool with the 16mm has been discontinued for a couple of years, but
> I have one and am very glad of it.
> Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC still sunny and warm today...need rain desparately