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Subject: Re: [CR]Ebay High/Only Live Once/Rally?$230...
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 21:03:49 -0500

BC has it right - you only live once and I think that very often has to do with one time high prices on ebay. I've done it - a bike or part shows up, I've been looking for years, may even have passed up one at at slightly high price but figured I'd wait...well it never comes along again at a slightly high price so when it does appear I finally go for it at a silly high price. Have I paid to much - yes and no. Do I own that bike/part? - yes; is its market value likely to stay at that high - maybe not.

But you only live once and if that elusive item comes along and you can somehow swing the cost why not go for it?

Good example. Another list member has two sets of NOS Nisi Sludi rums for ebay auction - in silver. I've been looking for a silver set for a loooong time. They came up on ebay last week with an opening bid of $50 or a "buy it now" of $95. I thought that they may go as high as $75 so I placed a $50 bid on both sets to cancel the buy it now and figured at the end I'd pop in my high bid. Well - I screwed up - big time - check out the price on them now - $95 would have been a bargain! (Dale - I think they qualify for "highest prices page" on your web site)

I missed my chance.

On items that only come on the market rarely I say go for it. If it's an item that comes up with some frequency, then be patient as their prices tend to occasionally dip and can be snapped up at more down to earth prices.

Anyone have a NOS silver set of Nisi Sludi's to trade for same in grey?

Check them out:<blah>

Eric Elman Somers, CT
> You only live once!!
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