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From: "C. Andrews" <>
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Subject: re: intrinsic value (was: Re: [CR]Re:Rally?$230...)
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 20:57:01 -0800

Wes Gadd noted:

"To somone with absolutely no interest in bicycles, let alone "vintage lightweights" the "intrinsic value" of, say, a NOS pair of Cinelli Bivalent hubs is about what the value of the materiel would be at the local scrap metal dealer. The fact that individuals with interest plus money want this stuff is the only real intrinsic value it has.

Best Regards, Wes Gadd Unionville, CT"

This seems especially true of the no-logo Campagnolo calipers I was bidding on tonight. I hoped they wouldn't go too high, but three bidders from Japan quickly took the price out of my reach. Oh, I could have out-bid them, but it probably would have taken $1000 to do it...and, truth is, I just didn't want them that badly. When we get to this level of widget the value is almost entirely determined by how badly one wants said widget, rather than it's intrinsic value, whatever that may be...

Charles "would really like a pair of no-logo calipers...but not THAT much.."Andrews Rode with the LA Wheelmen today up to Elton John's new spread above Beverly Hills. Very nice, if a bit ostentatious--big surprise there..<g>...Alas, he didn't open the door for us, and we coulda used something cool: that is one MOFO of a hill up to his place...Gorgeous, gorgeous day in LA today. Like those days when the Rose Parade runs and everyone from Boston to St. Louis says "I hate California...<g>"