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Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 21:09:17 -0800
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: intrinsic value (was: Re: [CR]Re:Rally?$230...)
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I must say I stand in AWE of (and identify with) other collectors with the stones to put their dollars where their passions are; in this case, bicycles. It's not my place to judge their financial situation, in other words, how much of a sacrifice their expenditure was for their family and themselves.

Dict. def: pas'sion, Intense or overpowering feeling, such that the mind is as if passively swayed by it. In other words, as an ex-member of the list likes to say, "The needle is firmly in the arm!"

Chuck Schmidt SoPas, SoCal

Charles Andrews wrote:
> This seems especially true of the no-logo Campagnolo
> calipers I was bidding on tonight. I hoped they wouldn't go
> too high, but three bidders from Japan quickly took the
> price out of my reach. Oh, I could have out-bid them, but
> it probably would have taken $1000 to do it...and, truth is,
> I just didn't want them that badly. When we get to this
> level of widget the value is almost entirely determined by
> how badly one wants said widget, rather than it's intrinsic
> value, whatever that may be...
> Charles "would really like a pair of no-logo calipers...but
> not THAT much.."Andrews
> Rode with the LA Wheelmen today up to Elton John's new
> spread above Beverly Hills. Very nice, if a bit
> ostentatious--big surprise there..<g>...Alas, he didn't open
> the door for us, and we coulda used something cool: that is
> one MOFO of a hill up to his place...Gorgeous, gorgeous day
> in LA today. Like those days when the Rose Parade runs and
> everyone from Boston to St. Louis says "I hate
> California...<g>"