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Paraffin wax is used in sealing jars of homemade jellies and jams. It melts at approx. 131 degF which is ideal for sealing the jelly and other uses. Paraffin is a petroleum product distilled from crude oil.

It is also used in small heated tubs for heat therapy on hands and other joints. The low melting point provides a low heat and the wax provides a large heated mass which clings to the skin. The wax used for the therapy application is hypoallergenic so it has little or no additives.

You can get soft paraffin wax at stores with home canning supplies (as noted by earlier post), supermarkets, or drug stores (hypoallergenic type for the heat therapy).

Armourall (or similar products in auto supply stores) should work equally as well in preventing ozone damage.

The thread started off describing techniques to slip the hoods on the brake assembly, not preserving them. The wax discussion appears to be the preservation angle.

John Hawrylak Woodstown NJ

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> unless the other list members have a different product in mind, paraffin wax
> is used in the home canning of jams and jellies. It is poured into each jar
> before sealing with the lid to form an inner seal about a 1/4 inch thick.
> Any store selling canning supplies should have paraffin wax.
> Paul Patzkowsky, Longmont CO