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Subject: Re: [CR]Who has the legal rights to build Hetchins
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 00:56:00 +0100

Hey all!!

There's one other way to deal with this Hetchins thing with these guys at Omega!! Don't know anything about the legal system in the U.K and it sounds like it will be a long time and costly for David before anything is solved!........And that is to hurt them where it will hurt the most and that's taking $$$$$ out of their tilt!!! One way to do this is to Buy a....''TRUE''...''REAL''...''DEAL'' from David or Clive!! Bottom line, when buying one from David or Clive you are taking money out of Omega's tilt! They won't be thinking it's cool anymore trying to sell the Hetchins name!!...Need to make these guys think twice about their move!!....I think I'll be signing up for one this year!!

Hey! I know it sounds mean but you got to do what you got to do to stay in the game!!

And it really makes me ''SICK'' to think that they have the ''BLOODY GUTs'' to say on their site ''The official Hetchins website''........Full of crock and all that ''BS''.

I don't own a Hetchins but I will soon!! But the name ''Hetchins'' as like Masi with their small shops still trying to make it a go as they are will not survive much longer without customers!!...Or barely hang in there until there is no one left to take it over!!.......The same is happening at RIH in Amsterdam!! I visited the shop several months ago and it was looking very sad!!......The owner said there is no one interested in the craft of building steel frames anymore and it seems like there will be no one left to continue the business as it is!!

To me these shops are all about ''BLOOD...SWEAT and TEARs''!!

I'm also planning on ordering 1 or 2 RIHs this coming year!! It's not a Hetchins or Masi!!........Just want to put one or 2 in the stable before they are long gone!!

BC Baron Corpuz.........and the gang.........Freezing cold in Holland and going to burn some money this ''New Years''.............Rocket time!!

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Subject: [CR]Who has the legal rights to build Hetchins

> I hope your aware of the controversy going on here in the states has to
> who has the legal rights to build Hetchins. I know that you firm plus
> David Millar and Clive Rodell are all producing Hetchins. As an owner
> of two Hetchins one a 1963 and the other a 1973 any clarification on
> this matter would be helpful.
> Thanks
> Charles Nighbor, Architect and fine bicycles fan
> Walnut Creek, CA