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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 23:14:55 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Claim-to-Hetchins-name controversy.
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Jack Denny though he had retired prior to the takeover in 1985 came back and built a number of frames for several years. Alf continued as a consultant too for a couple of years but after a rather serious mistake or two was let go. I am sure that the reason why David Miller and the consortium have not taken action against Omega is simply the cost. Omega however have no connection with Harry Butler who is a rather unscrupulous old man in his 80s who has tried to make a quick buck from arranging the forging of all sorts of British classic bikes. I have been shown a Thanet Silverlight obtained from Harry Butler that was most definitely a forgery and quite a convincing one. And I have heard he was also forging Bates Cantiflex frames too.

Hilary Stone in Bristol which is warmer (but still cold) than than most of wintery Britain

Dale wrote:>
> Actually both Jack Denny and Alfie Hetchins were said to have served as
> "consultants" to Bob jackson operation although that could have been lip
> service...