[CR]Cirque 2001

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From: "Bingham, Wayne" <WBINGHAM@imf.org>
To: 'CR' <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 10:31:31 -0400
Subject: [CR]Cirque 2001

The Cirque this year was my third, and I've been promoting the event to anyone who would listen since I attended my first, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed by what's happening here. Not only is the event bigger and better every year, but the depth and scope of what the event has become is just amazing. The addition of the seminar series and the Saturday morning ride added yet other dimensions to an already multi-faceted experience. The seminar opened new windows into the classic bike world and the Saturday ride drew close to 30 riders and an amazing array of hardware, all for the simple joy of the collective ride. The comradery (why can't my spell-check find that word?) of the social gathering is great fun. The Sunday ride (although I had way too much stuff to unload to participate) is a community experience. The display bikes nothing short of breathtaking in the sheer quantity, quality and diversity of offerings. And the swap-meet was bigger and more "classic" oriented than ever (although we need to draw in more "other" people or we'll just be trading back and forth amongst ourselves indefinitely, if we're not already). Put together, all these pieces add up to a great event and a wonderfully fun time.

But, something more is happening here. Through the CR list and the Cirque, there is a convergence of some of the best knowledge, experience, wisdom, insight, and history (not to mention the hardware!) associated with this world we call classic lightweights. And now it's even international. And, we all have Dale Brown to thank for this. Dale likes to say that it's all of us, collectively, that make this happen. That's probably true in the grand scheme of things, but it's been Dale's passion and enthusiasm that has drive much of this. Dale's unselfish contribution of time, energy and other resources has allowed us all to share this experience. Without his contributions, many of us would still be colliding aimlessly in the classic bike universe. For this, Dale deserves the appropriate thanks and appreciation.

Thanks also to Brian for allowing us into his mind, his passion and his art. Thanks to Allen for doing what we all should be doing, and then sharing it with us. And thanks to Mike for sharing his vast experience and perspective. And, last but not least, thanks to everyone else for participating and adding to the collective wealth (and certainly not the dollar variety) of us all.

The Cirque was, in a word, fabulous.

For those that didn't make it this year, start making plans for Cirque 2002!!

I know I have.

Ciao -

Wayne Bingham
Falls Church VA