Re: [CR]Varnish Decals??? Varnish NOT RECOMMENDED

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Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 21:27:36 -0700
From: Jim Allen <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Varnish Decals??? Varnish NOT RECOMMENDED
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Steve, wrote:
> Question: If varnish decals are supposed to be so durable, why do they
> seem to have to be replaced so often after "normal" use? Raleigh is not
> the only make that had problems wth varnish decals, Schwinn also!
> It has also not yet been discussed that varnish decals can deteriorate
> when mixed with non-enamel paints - ie polyurethane paints like
> Dupont Imron or PPG Chromacolor. These paints can cause a chemical
> reaction from the catalyst chemically reacting with the decal while the paint
> is still curing up to one month after the paint application. Solvent based
> enamels which can take a long time to cure after painting can also cause
> a chemical reaction with varnish decals. If a frame has been painted and
> allowed to cure for several weeks, then you could consider applying the
> varnish decals... but there are no guarantees the decals will last!

Well, my experience has been different. Yesterday I painted a frame. Today I applied varnish transfers. Tomorrow I'll clearcoat it. All with Dupont Imron. NO force drying used.

I've used varnish transfers from Italy, Japan, Britain, and America. Same results. I'll bet lurker Brain will say the same. I've put water tranfers on with varnish when I wanted them to stay put...
> The point is that if a vintage owner wants the hassle of applying original
> varnish decals, so be it and kudos if success is achieved applying them.
> However, these are not easy to apply and they probably have only one set
> of originals - so does a one take a chance without prior experience? I
> wish them good luck!
> Rgards, Steve

Right, not a job to expect to be right the first time.


Jim Allen