[CR]Masi/Mario/Cinelli 1972

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From: "Mark Poore" <rauler47@hotmail.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 12:38:20 -0400
Subject: [CR]Masi/Mario/Cinelli 1972

In February and March of 1972 my future wife and I were traveling around Europe after skiing in the Innsbruck area for 3 months. On the last leg of our traveling we headed to Italy. Part of our mission while in Italy was to visit frame builders and to purchase two used bikes. While in Milan we went out to the Vigorelli velodrome, not knowing that Masi’s shop was under one of the high walls. Although we didn’t speak any Italian and their English was somewhat limited we were able to have some of our questions answered while admiring the Masi frames. There were some other folks there and I took it they wanted to buy a bike and/or frame. I did catch several references to San Diego and that they wanted a frame/frames there or something like that. In all the discussion lately about Mario, Masi and the like I have come to the conclusion that they were probably talking about setting up shop there as this time frame fits what is now American frame building history.

We ended up buying some bikes at a shop in Florence. I forget what we bought Alice, but mine was a repainted, no decals, Cinelli. In the near future I hope to post some photos of this bike as well as get a time line on when it might have been built. Not sure, but I believe the serial number was something like 6312. It had the oiler and drain plug on the bottom bracket.

There was also a builder in Rome, Chapapinni SP?, which had the most impressive frame I saw, at least for my taste. His shop had a dirt floor and not much lighting, not that Masi’s or any other builders we visited was lit up like K-Mart.

If one ever gets the chance head to Europe and explore the frame building shops, it will be a lasting and unforgettable memory.

Hope everyone got some riding in this past weekend.

Mark, lost in the sixties, Poore