Re: [CR]Spokes question (Wheel questions?)

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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 10:15:05 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR]Spokes question (Wheel questions?)
From: Bob Reid <>
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Another misconception ?
> 3) Is it all right to use 14-17 gauge and alloy nipples for restorations of
> 1960's bike,
> although there was not such spokes were available then??
> According to the Brown Bros. trade catalogues 16g/18g, 15g/17g, 14/16g & 13g/15g Spokes were commonly available pre & post-WWII in stainless, rustless, black enamelled (for that austerity look - and now very much in vogue) or chrome-plated. Stainless seems to have taken a dive post-war but perhaps only initially because of post-war shortages.

My own Flying Scot came equipped in 1951 with 16g/18g rustless, so thin they make modern DT spokes look positively agricultural. Sapim (if I remember correctly) make the nearest equivelant, in length of the thicker section and gauge to those earlier stainless and without a doubt ten times more reliable than the old stainless or chrome-plated spokes.

Bob Reid