[CR]Cirque du Cyclisme accomodations..

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From: <OROBOYZ@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 00:12:04 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Cirque du Cyclisme accomodations..

Even though it seems eons away, it may be time for you who are attending to do some advance planning!

I am discovering rooms are filling up rapidly in the closet motel, the Battleground Inn, for this May's Cirque! I just booked in a handful of our British friends and there are single Queen sized beds rooms available but, as I understand it, two double bed rooms are already booked up.

I spent a few moments (?) this AM compiling a list of rooms and approximate rates, which I am pasting below on this message...I have arranged each category in rough order of preference. The Battleground Inn is about a block from cycles de ORO and closest to the Cirque location. The O.Henry Hotel is next closest but a little pricey at least for our area. It is very nice though!

I am also including a few URLs about our city, weather, etc...




Recommendations for Cirque du Cyclisme Lodging (arranged in order of location & convenience)


Battleground Inn (Many Cirque folks are booked in here.. one block from cycles de ORO!) 1517 Westover Terrace Greensboro NC 27408 336-272-4737 Fax: 336-274-6242 Toll-Free number: 800-932-4737 Price Range: $50-$99

Microtel Inn-Greensboro 4304 Big Tree Way City Greensboro NC 27409 336-547-7007 Fax: 336-547-0450 Website: http://www.microtel.com Price Range: Up to $50

Motel 6-Airport 605 S. Regional Rd. Exit 210 at I-40 & Hwy. 68 Greensboro NC 27409 336-668-2085 Fax: 336-454-6120 Toll-Free number: 800-4MOTEL6 Website: http://www.motel6.com Price Range: Up to $50

Red Roof Inn-Airport 615 South Regional Road Exit 210 at I-40 & Hwy. 68 Greensboro NC 27409 336-271-2636 Fax: 336-884-8053 Toll-Free number: 800-843-7663 Website: http://www.redroofinn.com Price Range: Up to $50

Econo Lodge 3303 Isler St Greensboro NC 27407 336-852-4080 Fax: 336-855-5539 Toll-Free number: 800-553-2666 Website: http://www.econolodge.com Price Range: Up to $50 Red Roof Inn-Coliseum 2101 W. Meadowview Rd. Greensboro NC 27403 336-852-6560 Fax: 336-852-6673 Toll-Free number: 800-THE-ROOF Website: http://www.redroof.com Price Range: Up to $50

Super 8 Motel-Coliseum 2108 W. Meadowview Rd. Greensboro NC 27403 336-855-8888 Fax: 336-855-8888 Toll-Free number: 800-800-8000 Website: http://www.super8.com Price Range: Up to $50

Travelodge 2112 W. Meadowview Road Greensboro NC 27403 336-292-2020 Fax: 336-852-3476 Toll-Free number: 800-578-7878 Website: http://www.travelodge.com Price Range: Up tp $50

Bread and Breakfasts:

Greenwood Bed & Breakfast 205 N. Park Dr. Greensboro NC 27401 336-274-6350 Fax: 336-274-9943 Toll-Free number: 800-535-9363 Website: http://www.greenwoodbb.com Price Range: $100 and up

Troy Bumpas Inn Bed & Breakfast 114 S. Mendenhall St. Greensboro NC 27403 336-370-1660 Fax: 336-274-3939 Toll-Free number: 800-370-9070 Website: http://www.troy-bumpasinn.com Price Range: $100 and up

Nice Hotels

Old Henry Hotel 624 GreenValley Rd. Greensboro NC 27408 336-854-2000 Fax: 336-544-9700 Toll-Free number: 800-965-8259 Website: http://www.o.henryhotel.com Price Range: $100 and up

Greensboro Marriott Downtown 304 N. Greene St. Greensboro NC 27401 336-379-8000 Fax: 336-387-8024 Website: http://www.marriott.com Price Range: $100 and up

Dale Brown cycles de ORO, Inc. 1410 Mill Street Greensboro, North Carolina USA 27408 336-274-5959 Fax 336-274-6360 <A HREF="http://www.cyclesdeoro.com">cyclesdeORO.com</A> <A HREF="http://www.classicrendezvous.com/main.htm">Classic Rendezvous</A>