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Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 16:31:21 GMT

For your information, Mike, Bob and I and all the many others who think like us will be doing exactly those things you think are too onerous for Chuck.

Bob pays for his own web space and makes nothing from it at all. He thinks its worthwhile because he loves Flying Scots. It's his paid for web space that we're using, non-commercially, for the British and French stuff.

I've already spent many hours scanning stuff for our website and I'm not getting paid for it. I've got a lot still to do. All of our members who are in a position to help have offered to do likewise and they're not getting paid either. Some of them have as much if not more literature than I and I really appreciate the effort they are prepared to make for nothing other than the pleasure of making it all available to other enthusiasts.

It's a lot of work but you don't have to do it all at once. It can be a labour of love spread over weeks or months.

I can't speak for the others but I don't feel I'm being taken advantage of in any way. I'm happy to do it.

Cheers, Bruce

Mike wrote: Does anyone see what is wrong with this request being made? Chuck gathers materials, copies them, makes nearly no profit on them, but does it because he thinks it is fun and a great service - and probably makes enough profit so that he doesn't feel that he is being totally taken advantage of.

Now Bruce implies that Chuck should rent the appropriate storage space on the web, and take perhaps thousands of hours and put it up for free. I've scanned catalog pages before - this would take a huge amount of time to do even a fraction of what Chuck offers for sale.

Am I missing something? If I am, than perhaps I can ask each member of the list to take perhaps a month or two of their time to do something for me - are there any auto mechanics or house painters on the list? And after you paint my house be sure to do so for everyone else on the list.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

Bruce Robbins Angus Scotland

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