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Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 18:04:18 -0500

I'm still mystified as to why there is any contraversy here. The CR site has or at one time has had links to a number of other web sites, including, I think, RetroRaleigh, Rivendell, Sheldon's site, The PX-10 site, Hetchins, Mercian, Caygill and many others. While the CR site has the most classic stuff, these other sites are a great resource as well, which is exactly why Dale linked to them. I think most members have welcomed the additions of new sites to Dale's resource page. Now some UK members announce adding another site to the many already available and we suddenly start debating whether this is a good thing. Why would it not be? No one questioned the establishment of the PX-10 site or saw it as a threat. I'm looking forward to another resource.


Jerry Moos

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Subject: [CR]French/Canadian/British/Mexican???????????????????????????????

> i'm missing something from within this week's
> threads regarding new sites, lists, whatever.
> dale has the CR list timeline set up to INCLUDE
> all items, (bicycles, frames, parts...), up until mid 80s,
> give or take. why the need, why the talk, about
> splintering into chat by countries of origin. this list
> is a clearinghouse for all information pertaining to
> classic bicycles. if there's a thread that regards
> those italian things, delete it if you're not interested.
> if french is your bag, chime in and let folks know
> what you think.
> the same goes for canadian, mexican, british...
> i read very little about goods from these countries
> on the CR list. i figured that this is due to the
> prevailing interest of the listees.
> you guys who like french, british, canadian, and
> mexican-chime in here. i, for one, want to know what you
> know. and i want to read about it here.
> that's what dale had in mind,
> in setting up this list, i presume.


> chester