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Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 12:55:04 -0700
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Peugeot Prestige on Ebay
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Exactly right! I custom ordered a PY10CP (Course Profess. = team issue) in 1977. Very elaborate order form. You could even specify geometry if you wanted. Brazed on centerpull Mafacs, 105 bis Stronglight cranks (liberally drilled) with titanium bottom bracket, short point lugs without windows, Reynolds 531 SL or 753 (Peugeot was the largest user of Reynolds back then), Maillard alloy freewheel, titanium railed Ideale 90 or 2002 saddle, Laprade seat post, Simplex aluminum Prestige derailleur or delrin if you wanted more lightness, and you got your name on the top tube if you wanted. The Simplex dropouts were custom flat filed on the edges and the derailleur hanger was filed too. Head badge was a funky embossed foil sticker affair. Took 10 months to arrive (probably why no one ordered these in the US). I added Cinelli Criterium bars and french diameter Cinelli 1R stem like most of the team used. Workmanship was average; real "racing iron." This was the period when they started getting a lot of "English speakers" on the team like Phil Anderson, Steven Roche, Robert Millar, Alan Peiper, Paul Sherwen, etc.

Chuck Schmidt SoPas, SoCal

Michael Kone wrote:
> And if it was really the "real deal" the Mafac brakes would be sitting on
> studs brazed onto the forkblades and seatstays. And the Nervex lugs are a
> less fancy model too - a real pretender. Mike Kone in Boulder CO
> At 09:50 PM 5/29/02 -0500, Ken Wehrenberg wrote:
> >No, it isn't close to what Thevenet rode, because the Stronglight 99 is
> >a dedicated touring crankset with an 86mm BCD. It was commonly used on
> >mid-range bikes such as the Follis 172. It was a very nice cold forged,
> >low Q model, however.
> >
> >Ken Wehrenberg, near St Louis
> >
> >Yeh,it sure favors the PY-10,that sounds logical.
> > Harris in Va.
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