RE: [CR]Ebay MASI Help please

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From: "Jim Cunningham" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Ebay MASI Help please
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 15:44:44 -0800
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Looks well described. Serial number is reversed somehow, but there were a few hiccups with the early serial numbers. It is certainly one of the first CA Masis. The double plate crown and the rounded, "spoon" shape of the underside of the lower headlug are the tip offs.

Most Masis we painted at Carlsbad had Yellow "MASI" and white "Gran Criterium" on the downtube. There were a few set in which the colors were reversed, but none that where white, or yellow in both places. Someone goofed in doing that decal reproduction. Like wise that white detailing was never done, so it looks a little odd to me, but still and all a nice bike. Good luck!

Jim "Need a nap after that ride" Cunningham Vista, CA

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There is an early 70's MASI on ebay, not completey original but then maybe she will be affordable for me. Can you MASI experts (or non experts with an opinion or some knowlege) please take a peek and offer any comments about the bike - good, bad, indifferent or otherwise. Anything look wrong? Anything not jive with the sellers comments? The BB is stamped MC 32 what does this mean? Etc. Not to be to pushy, but comments back from Brian Bayliss and Jim Cunningham especially appreciated.<blah>

Thank you in advance, Eric "hmmm, maybe I can own a MASI" Elman