[CR]Schwinn FS in local bike shop

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From: "nath" <ferness261@voyager.net>
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Subject: [CR]Schwinn FS in local bike shop
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 17:52:01 -0600

I had just enough time to stop in the LBS today, and Nathan, the owner, showed me a red Schwinn Peloton (?) that seemed to be of early-mid 80s vintage. It's a Japanese frame; the tubing is Columbus and the frame is lugged (of course). I think it's around a 54cm, but it might be a 53cm. The crank is a Sugino Aero Mighty, and though I didn't look, I'm guessing the arms are 170s. Pedals, MKS--a platform with a funny name I forget now. The derailleurs and hubs are SunTour Superbe Pro. Didn't have time to check the rims, but they're tubulars, and aero. Didn't recognize the stem, forgot to check the bars; the brakes are side-pull (Diacompes?).

The lugs aren't anything fancy, but they looked fine to me. And it's got a real fork and crown with what looks to be room for more tire than what's there now.

Nathan told me the fellow brought it in to sell and wants $400 for it. Don't know what it's worth, but it's got good tubing and (in my humble opinion) you can't the Superbe Pro hubs and derailleurs.

That said, here's the number of the shop, Backroad Bicycles, in Richland Center, WI: 608-647-4636 . . . he'll be open again Monday morning, though I don't know what time. Nathan is a good guy, young, and the new owner of the shop. It's a Trek shop (hey, it's Wisconsin!), but one of Nathan's personal rides is a late-80s Paramount (lugged steel). The Peloton (a model I don't remember) is too small for him (and me), or one of us might consider it.

I've got no stake in the sale; it's just that I don't see very many lugged steel frames around here, and I've never seen one for sale at Backroad Bicycles. So I thought I'd pass on the info.

If you decide to call, let Nathan know that Nath told you about this on the Classic Rendezvous list. (I got him to check out the CR site, though I don't know if he joined the list or not.)

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