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Subject: Re: cyclocross was Re: [CR]Is this a classic or not?
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The first edition "Cyclo-cross" book by Simon Burney has some great photography by Graham Watson, and lots of technical information. Even though it was published in 1990, the equipment is very much classic; Campy Nuovo Record, Weinmann cantilevers, etc. Some newer stuff too, Look pedals, for example.


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Subject: Re: cyclocross was Re: [CR]Is this a classic or not?

> Evening Chuck
> I have a 1992 Bianchi Project bike, lugged double butted cro-mo that I also
> consider very classic due to the parts and the set up which fits nicely in
> with every bit of the time line. cro-mo lugged, bar end shifters, etc... I
> have to agree that the area of where classic and non-classic gets very gray
> at times and hard to differentiate. Therefore one mans classic is another
> mans modern. Case in Point, I started cycling on my first serious road
> bicycle( a schwinn premis) in 1988 and it seems like a very long time ago
> compared with what components and parts and bikes that are flooding the
> marketplace nowadays.
> I will also say the feedback I am getting about older cyclocross bikes is
> exactly what I was looking forward to hearing. All the gritty details. I
> have a autographed photo of Rol Wolfshohl, german or swiss(anyone know for
> sure) who is wearing a Raphael Geminiani woolie, 1950 Cyclocross world
> champion...I wonder what kind of machines those guys were tearing up the
> course on! They had to be very close to road frames with some wild tubulars
> no doubt specially made. I have always wanted to build up a classic crosser
> but have always wondered what exactly they used for components. I am getting
> some good answers, the more the better. Before I joined the list, I always
> thought it would be cool to outfit one with the campy OR equipment but I am
> seeing a whole new range of older equipment now. I hope the feedback
> continues
> Walt Skrzypek
> Falls Creek, Pa
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> > Walt and All,
> >
> > I think the "Classic Time Line" is a bit too arbitrary for the state of
> > things these days. I believe the design of a product is more important
> than
> > the year of its introduction/production; vis-a-vis, Rivendell!!
> >
> > I think We get a bit too "hung up" on dates as far as "Classic" is
> concerned.
> > I know this can be a very subjective topic, and perhaps that is why Dale
> has
> > set "time limits," but it seems flexibility should be in order.....or
> else,
> > by Our standards, could there ever be a Renaissance with bicycle frame
> > production?
> >
> > By the way Walt; I have a 1995 Bianchi Cyclocross (lugged of course!) and
> > consider it a Classic (especially since the new ones are tigged...or are
> they
> > still making tigged CC frames??).
> >
> > Chuck Brooks
> > Just Cogitating In....
> > Malta, NY