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The summer of 1976 I got my PX10. I had a co-op job in Chicago, while my wife needed to stay in Toledo for school & work. So, I commuted on weekends via Amtrak, bike included! On Friday mornings I would ride the 6 miles along Lake Shore Drive to my job in the loop, pack the bike up over lunch hour, and then drag it to Union Station for the ride to Ann Arbor, Mi. where she would pick me up. The train did not go to Toledo. Then, on Sunday evening I would do it all over again. Those were the days - NOT!!!! Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio) -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 9:47 AM To: Subject: [CR]Bikes on trains.. My hero!

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<< Here just east of hill billy country in North Carolina Amtrak took my Rene Herse unboxed to my first Cirque and we arrived unblemished. >>

I want to tell everyone about that!

I am organizing the Cirque (running around like crazy) and up rolls Gilbert Anderson riding in from the train station. His gorgeous full chrome, take apart Rene Herse then goes up on a table for display and promptly wins best in show! At the end of the day, he then takes it down, loads up and rides back to the train station to go home! Isn't that cool?

Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina