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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 16:47:59 -0500
From: Larry Osborn <>
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At 08:37 PM 1/10/02 -0500, you wrote:
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>The frame is white with robin's egg blue on the head tube and two stripes on the seat tube. <

Dale Brown wrote:
>That sounds like my first "good" bike!
>The blue, BTW. is "lagoon blue" which was Carlton's race colors.
>My Competition looked pretty much like the concurrent Gran Sport. Never
>understood how or why they were differentiated in the Raleigh line. It had a
>white main frame with blue head tube and band on seat tube. I think I bought
>it in 1972, brand new, but being the previous year's model and so I got it
>for $180.00. (List was $225.00?)
>- Reynolds 531 full db set.
>- Zeus dropouts front and rear.
>- Chrome up 8" or so on forks & rear stays.
>- Integral full sloping fork crown.
>- Plain Bocama lugs.
>- GB stem & bar
>- White sort of linear pattern plastic bar tape.
>- Weinmann centerpull brakes
>- Simplex Competition (Delrin) derailleurs
>- Zeus crankset, (model "Criterium"?) with the narrow chain ring attachment
>ala' Stronglight 49.
>- Atom QR high flange hubs with 27" Weinmann dimpled aluminum rims.
>- Brook B-15 standard saddle/ plain straight aluminum seat post.
>- Hutchinson 27 x 1 1/4" tires
>Dale Brown
>Greensboro, NC

Significant difference between the earlier Gran Sport and Competition was usually just tubular tires on the Competition. Maybe AVA tubular rims. Somewhere after 1970 Raleigh went from Weinmanns to AVAs (or whatever else was handy). I don't know when. Take your pick. Not sure why the Competitions weren't always in the catalogs. Just one of those little Raleighisms that will baffle us for ever. There is a gap in the catalogs on Retro Raleighs for 1971. Sorry. Anybody want to loan us one? Not sure what color was available that year. Could have also been blue with white trim, or white with blue trim. Your guess is as good as mine. 1970 there was a chrome model, with transparent olive green or brown trim available. 1969 there was a choice of black or forest green, with chromed fancy Nervex lugs a la International. In 73 or 74 there was a lavender w/purple trim, not in the catalog. That's just the way it is. 73 RRAs were never in a catalog either. Specifications incomplete. Specifications subject to change without notice. The catalogs are just guides, they are not commandments. Unless they speced full Campy, you could get anything. I long ago quit losing sleep over the variations I've found within model year, deviations from the official catalog specs. Lugs, dropouts, paint, chrome, components, , blah blah blah, even the serial number system has some kinks in it. Whatever Raleigh felt like doing on any given day.... And they weren't the only ones. Period correct is correct enough. Dale's list sounds close enough, even without tubulars. Put some parts on it and enjoy it.

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