The little hole in the hanger, was: [CR]Cinelli Serial Numbers

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From: "H.M. & S.S. Sachs" <>
Subject: The little hole in the hanger, was: [CR]Cinelli Serial Numbers
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 18:50:37 -0500

Mark Petry has done a great service with his Cinelli registry, and the derived rules for determining age (I love my Cinelli, but I'm not dating it...)-: ). Mark wrote: <snip>

A couple other clues - 3 holes in the lugs indicates post - 68, oil filler hole on the BB indicates pre - 65, and flat fork crown is a "B" model. <snip>

Where I seek guidance is how long the Campy "long" road rear fork end with derailleur hanger was in production, that is, the version designed to fit the one-pulley "Sport" derailleur. Since this was pivoted from the hanger, it had a small hole to serve as a spring stop, just above the threaded hanger hole - sort of like the spring stop on Cantilever brakes.

I have thought that this "feature" would have been discontinued when the 1-pulley "derailleur" was discontinued, and in turn thought that was early 60s. Sure, some builders got the old design on special or whatever, and used them for years after, but it should be an indicator of age. Jay Sexton's bike has that feature, if I remember correctly.

harvey sachs
mcLean va