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From: "David G. White" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]ebay Etiquette
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Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 19:15:54 -0400

I absolutely would give positive feedback. In fact I did so in a very similar circumstance earlier today. I believe the old adage that the best way to someone's character is not how he behaves when things are going well, but how he handles it when things go wrong. It sounds to me as if the seller handled it very well.

David "I appreciate someone who admits and corrects an error" White Burlington, VT wrote:
> Help,
> What kind of feedback should I leave for a seller on an auction that was not
> what it was described to be. I had asked during the auction a specific
> question about the nature of the item and received a quick and positive
> response. When the item was delivered and turned out to be something
> different, an exchange of e-mails convinced me the seller didn't really know
> the item (he said he was selling it for a friend). He returned my bid plus
> shipping (and offered return shipping, too). At the end of the auction, when
> he had received my payment, he left Positive feedback for me at ebay. I
> don't think he tried to deliberately deceive (the item was in a NOS box
> referencing a similar but different item, which he then described in the
> auction), so my question is, what kind of feedback do I owe him? Positive
> (for being so responsive and making it right), Neutral (for not making a more
> informed response to my question), or Negative (for possibly making me miss a
> more appropriate auction). Thank you for your opinions.
> Tom Donahue
> Melbourne, FL