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Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 20:04:23 +0100 (BST)

I have been a cyclist and tricyclist for the last 42 years. In Britain their old slang name is barrows and long barrows for tandem trikes, and their riders are known as barrow boys. This is pronounced as a Londoner (barra).I own three tricycles a 1951 Higgins with a differential axle,it has three brakes two front and one diff brake.!928 Buckley Brothers with an Abingdon differential axle on fixed wheel, common practice for this axle, equipped with one front brake and a 1951 Hobbs Blue Riband tandem trike with same breaking system as solo Higgins.

Tricycles are at least 10% slower in time trials.

Prior to 1939 most trikes were on Abingdon differential axles single fixed gear there were a few OWD (one wheel drive) such as Higgins and Lipscombe (Sunbury- ON - THAMES) the last maker equipping them with 3 speed Cyclos or Simplex gears.Famous trike makers pre-2nd world war and some post war are Buckley, Granby, Selbach, Higgins, Lipscombe, Claud Butler, Holdsworth and F. W. Evans. The following mostly used Ken Rogers axles, Mercian, Jack Taylor, Morris, Tony Oliver and Bob Jackson. George Longstaff is still manufacturing trikes with his own excellent axles either OWD or 2 wheel drive.

I have seen one Hetchins trike with curly chainstays and Alfs shop in Seven Sisters, used to display Bicycle, Tandem and Tricycle maker on the windows.

There is also a Paris Galibier trike knocking about with a Holdsworth axle, unusual in having adjustable chain stays, John Malseed owned this. Hope this is of some interest and wets your appetite. I have climbed the Galibier, Telegraph. Luitel and a few others on a OWD Evans tandem trike with Tony Oliver stoking, the descents are something else perhaps we might gain some converts!

Be lucky Mick Butler Huntingdon UK

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