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One item that hasn't been mentioned is that Ken Rodgers use to make a trike conversion kit, so one could turn a single into a trike. I know this is a bit sacrilegious in some eyes, but it's a much more financially viable alternative for many. For what it's worth, here in Ann Arbor, there is a woman in her late 70's who rides an old Sekai road bike with a Rodgers conversion kit, and she rides this trike all over! I once spotted her about 25 miles outside Ann Arbor going for a ride. I really get a kick out of her. I've spoken to her a few times and she's told me she had other trikes when she was younger, but her funds are a bit limited now, so the conversion kit serves her purpose just fine.

Also, I don't think this was mentioned, but one current maker of trikes in the U.K. that I'm aware of is George Longstaff. His trikes are quite expensive, but very, very nice. I'd love to have one but can't quite squeeze the money out for it. He also makes tandem trikes, which are a riot. Is Ken Rodgers still building? Bob Jackson makes trikes for a fairly reasonable amount of $$$ (Brian: you have a Jackson, I believe?). I don't know if Roberts does or not. Perhaps a few U.K. members can fill us in. At some point in the future, I WILL get a trike. We'll then have to schedule grass track races somewhere in the U.S. as part of a vintage bike meet.

Dave Patrick

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I'm going to join the English trike group. It will then become "Mad dogs and Californians".

I still wonder how many trikes are actually in the states. I suspect under 20; probably closer to 10. Some day we will have to have a Ben Hur style trike race.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> Brian Baylis and Paul Patzkowsky have fessed up to have
> trikes, there's likely a few more. Check out the Tricycle
> Association group in England,
> who state, "Although it
> may seem strange, the Tricycle Association is the only association of
> its kind in the World. We have twelve overseas members, but in
> general tricycling as a sport is confined to the UK."
> Sounds like the "mad dogs and Englishmen" syndrome... ;^)
> Roy "mad dog category" Drinkwater
> Lititz "rain like England today", PA
> Mark Cutrufelli sez:
> >Thank you for pointing out these items.The trike is the thing that really got
> >me curious. I was wondering why they made racing trikes. Do other companies
> >make them? You would think that they would be much slower because of the
> >third wheel. I admit that a highwheel looks too scary for me.But slower or
> >faster, the racing trike looks interesting enough- I would certainly try one
> >if I got the chance. Do any listmembers own one or have any experiences
> >they could relate in trying or regularly riding one? Do they have separate
> >races for these trikes?I can see one advantage to people who have trouble
> >extricating their feet from clips-no fear of falling.