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Subject: Re: [CR]Query about Maillard hubs
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:21:43 -0600

Results vary. I haven't had problems with spoke breakage or bearings. Perhaps later Helicomatics addressed these problems.


Jerry Moos

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> Jerry Moos wrote:
> >Actually, I like the Helicomatic. It was an ingenious first attempt at what
> >would later become the cassette freewheel. Only problem is that they did it
> >in a way that didn't become the standard, so parts are hard to find.
> That's not all that's wrong with them. There are good reasons they
> didn't become the standard.
> *Both flanges are 1 mm farther left than comparable conventional
> hubs. This led to a much higher than usual tension disparity between
> the left and right spokes. As a result, these hubs were notorious
> spoke breakers, and if you brought the tension up high enough to keep
> the left spokes from breaking due to fatigue, the right spokes would
> have to be so tight that the rim was liable to crack around the
> eyelets.
> The only way I was ever able to get these to be half way reliable was
> to spoke 'em half-radial.
> *Due to clearance issues, they weren't able to put a standard size
> bearing with 1/4" balls on the right side. They got around this by
> using 5/32 balls and a smaller cone. These undersized cones wore
> rapidly, and replacements are nonexistent.
> These hubs are not worth putting any trouble or money into.
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