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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 17:21:09 -0700
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From: Jan Heine <heine@mindspring.com>
Subject: [CR]1983 and such

I'd freeze it at 1983 for about 20 years, then reconsider. In 2023, we may look upon all this differently. But for now, spare me the 1980s.

Why? Because the 1980s in many ways were the dark ages of racing bikes. The mountain bike boom hit hard, and racing bike makers often lost their ways. Quality went down, geometries became absurd (more in the U.S. than in Europe, remember 74 degree seat angles, super-steep head angles, etc.), bikes were sized incredibly small, and didn't ride well as a result.

Did the pros also start riding incredibly small frames? I'll have to check my books, but lately they seem to have returned to more reasonable frame sizes (even if U.S. weekend warriors have not). So maybe we are emerging from the dark ages in that respect.

Also, by 1983, most of the old builders were gone, and the great names of the past were but a distant shadow of their former glory.

This is not to say that some wonderful bikes were made then. But in general, it was a pretty dark era.

Sure, some C-Record stuff was nice. But compared to the historic significance of NR/SR, which truly defined an era and set a standard against which all others were measured, it is pretty insignificant.

And I really don't want to see many discussions of how to make the early Campy index shifting work! Most of all, I feel there is enough to discuss already, no need to increase the traffic.

Just my 2 cents, of course.

Jan Heine, Seattle