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For info on the Park extensions, go to this link.:

Some shops also make their own extensions with some pipe.

There are other stands, like the rock stand but I have heard nothing good or bad about them.

And then there is always the classic euro style race stand that supports the frame at the BB and the fork (you remove the front wheel). Minoura makes one, Elite makes one, Tacx makes one, and there are tons of knockoffs from taiwan these days.

Tom Martin
Oakland CA

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> List:
> I would not recommend the internal seat tube clamp (ISC-1). I have seen the
> seat tubes expanded out so much on some frames that the original post no
> longer clamps in the frame. It's better to use a cheapo alloy post as a
> dummy in the frame and then clamp it to the repair stand.
> Park tool now has extensions for all their stands so you don't have to stoop
> over if you are a giant. The park clamps are bombproof and easily repairable
> and are in use in every last bike shop in the US- some for 30 years and
> more. I like the Ultimates too, they have a broader range of adjustment and
> a good and simple clamp. They are just not vintage enough for me I
> guess......
> Tom Martin
> Oakland CA
> No on topic bikes (yet), but I do have on topic tools and stands
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> >
> > << Those Park shop repair stands have probably wrinkled more seat tubes
> and
> > mangled more decals than any others. They are especially brutal on
> > repainted bikes that have not had special curing. When you find yours, be
> > sure to invest in Park's attachment that expands inside the seat tube to
> > hold the bike. It does not hold the bike as firmly, but it could save
> you
> > from unpleasant surprises. >>
> >
> > I dislike using that Park inside-the-seat-tube expander tool; it is kind
> of
> > floppy and imprecise, although once installed it works OK, it is often
> awkward
> > to remove. Then as Steve mentions, it is not very stable in use. It tends
> to
> > twist about, risking whacking the frame on the rest of the stand.
> >
> > It is a lot smarter to just absolutely once and for all, get in the habit
> of
> > NEVER clamping the seat tube or top tube but always clamp the seat post.
> Even
> > if you have to loosen it and extend it to the point where you have enough
> seat
> > post exposed to clamp. Then use a stand which extends up high enough to
> work
> > on the bike at chest level.
> >
> > To that end, I HIGHLY recommend the Ultimate stand ...over the Park. I
> sell
> > and work with both at CDO. Ultimate makes two models the Pro and the
> Consumer
> > and both are excellent. They can adjust high enough for even Mark Petry
> and
> > have an excellent clamping head. (Ultimate are famous for their sound,
> lighting
> > and stage craft fixtures.)
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