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Subject: [CR]Re: Nervar Puller--Stronglight=TA?

No, Standard extractor thread is 22mm. TA Cyclotourist is 23mm. Old pre-1982 Stronglight was 23.35mm. The older double-ended Park extractors were 22mm on one end, 23mm for TA on the other. Unfortunately, a lot of people tried using the 23mm end on Stronglight. If they were lucky and the crank arm wasn't on too tight they got away with it, but a lot of Stronglight cranks were also ruined that way. For TA, get a proper 23mm extractor. Sheldon Brown and several others on the list sell them. By the way, Stronglight cranks made after about 1982 use standard 22mm extractor thread.


Jerry Moos

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Subject: Nervar Puller--Stronglight=TA?

> Thanks for the info on Nervar. You mention that TA and Stronglight use
> non-strandard extractor; by any chance, is it the same non-standard one? Can
> I use my Stronglight extractor on a TA Cyclotourist Crank?
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> "Sorry for the very late response. You probably have found the answer
> already, but Sutherlands 3rd Edition (1980) lists Nervar as using the
> Standard (Campy NR type) extractor. In that edition, the only cranks
> Sutherland's lists as using non-Standard extractors are TA, Stronglight and
> early Lambert.


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