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Subject: Re: [CR]TdF 1963, Masi, Campy, single chainring
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See, you can't look at it like that. It's now a professionally modified custom component. . . you could even say it's one-of-a-kind now. It's just like Frank Spivey and Peter Johnson's stuff now. enjoy, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives Always willing to make a brother feel better in Santa Barbara, Calif.

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 09:57 AM, John Pergolizzi wrote:
> That "someone" was me altzimer boy!
> I just installed one of these super rare bad boys on my 57-66? Masi
> Special
> that will be at Velo Rendevouz in Oct. The bike was discovered in
> Italy
> just a few months ago and sports an Agratti bottom bracket and
> Stronlight
> steel cottered cranks with a single 51 tooth ring.
> Installing the damn thing was a bear as the design of the unit is
> such
> that tightening each of the two nuts should move the unit in and out
> ,so to
> speek, and will therefore center it over and around the chainring. In
> theory. In reality the threads of the "axel" portion hang up against
> the
> holes of the clamp section. Just to get the axel through the clamp
> when
> mounting to the seat tube, the holes in the clamp MUST be enlarged
> with a
> reamer. ON MY N.O.S. UNIT!!!! AGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
> Oh yea, by the way, so that the front area of the threads of the
> axel
> don't chew up the back of the seat tube, the axel should be filed to
> a very
> "open C" up front with a half round dirty old bastard.
> The problem is the clamp is just not the "right" dimension. All
> this
> on MY N.O.S. UNIT!!!!! AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! How priceless WAS that
> sucker?
> Please see page31 in catalogo #14 for part # "1039 - GUIDA CATENA".
> If ya ain't got the original, then order the repro complete one
> from
> Chuck Schmidt at Velo Retro.
> thanks for reminding me of one of the most traumatic wrenching
> experiences
> of my 30 year career. DUHHHHHH.
> ciao,
> John T..Pergolizzi
> N.Y.C.
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>> Jan,
>> The Campagnolo 5 speed chain guide is a stock item. I had 5 of them I
>> bought from Euro-Asia back in the late 70's. Unfortunately, I haven't
>> any left that I can find. I was just talking about these things the
>> other day with someone, but I forgot who. They are great for TT bikes
>> of
>> the "old style" where you ride your road bike with a single chainring
>> and a bunch of light parts and wheels.
>> Brian Baylis
>> La Mesa, CA
>>> From the July/August 1963 issue of Le Cycle:
>>> A review of the technical aspects of the Tour de France. (The Tour
>>> was won by Anquetil, first year of trade teams after the national
>>> team formula was abandoned. Anquetil used the new plastic Simplex
>>> derailleurs for the second half of the Tour.)
>>> Fabiero Masi (sic!) appears to have been there as part of the Ignis
>>> team of Baldini. The Ignis guys were particularly proud of Baldini's
>>> TT bike, which despite having a 61 cm frame, weighed only 7400 grams
>>> (16.3 lbs.) (no, I haven't weighed the bike, and I doubt the weight
>>> was independently verified). Lots of cut-outs, diminished lugs, and a
>>> single chainring (54T) at the front.
>>> Interesting is a Campy chain guide, which prevents derailing the
>>> chain (a common problem with single chainrings and many cogs on the
>>> back).
>>> Has anybody ever seen such a device? There is a Rebour drawing, but
>>> no photo. Looks like a smaller version of a front derailleur cage,
>>> adjustable sideways. A little knob at the end to prevent the chain
>>> from slapping and going under and out of the cage. It clamps to the
>>> seat tube. Campy logo in the usual place. (Maybe this was a custom
>>> piece made by Campy for this bike?)
>>> All the info, plus the dozens of Rebour drawings of various bikes and
>>> details will be seen in a future issue of Vintage Bicycle Quarterly.
>>> (VBQ isn't only about randonneuring!) Rebour offers a rare look into
>>> the technology of the Tour bikes from various makers.
>>> The same magazine has an ad for the new Mafac Top 63 and Driver
>>> cantilever brakes (so they probably were introduced around then), and
>>> the TA ad mentions cranks and bottle cages.
>>> A Campagnolo ad says "Vicenza (Italy), Cognin (Savoie)" and lists a
>>> distributor in Paris. So the French connection (whatever it was) was
>>> alive and well. (According to Ernest Csuka of Alex Singer, FB also
>>> was located in Cognin.)
>>> Jan Heine, Seattle