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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 12:44:01 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <rocklube@adnc.com>
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Thanks! I do barely remember that we did ask the actual meaning of the phrase, because naturally we were curious. That is the exactly the explaination we got. I also remember one of the fun things we would do at lunch time. We would teach the Italians a "few key words" in English and then the Italians would teach us theirs. I can only remember a few Italian words, mostly related to female body parts! We had a great time shareing words, even if we weren't getting too much else. The funniest thing was when we explained for them what "asshole" meant as a phrase. They simply could not understand why we would call someone "Buco de cullo" (or something like that) which comes out as hole of the colon in Italian. Priceless! I remember the words that sound like "co zee", which both Faliero and Mario used a lot. The words meant "like this", as they showed us what to do. The wheelbuilding lessons I spoke of earlier from Faliero consisted entirely of "Cozee", "Dio Boia", "OK", and "no". Once Simonetti showed up, we were treated to more words and the translations. Of course, one could easily understand most of what they were saying by learning to "read their hands"! You guys have such fantastic gestures, many of which Michael Jackson applied to his moves, if you get my drift.

I love you guys. I loved Mario and Faliero also. One fond memory of the two of them was when I brought my self restored 1954 Bentley "R Type" (extenden boot version w/ handcrank sunroof) to work one day. Masi just about s*** a brick! Masi and Mario wanted me to take them for a drive, so they occupied the spacious back seat as I took them for a drive in Carlsbad. I would give my left nut to know what they were talking about back there; all I know was that they were talking about the Mafia! It was classic. Faliero actually wanted to buy my car. I told him he really didn't want it. There was a lot of rust on her is places under the car as is typical of them from that period. The bottom of all four doors was bondo city. Both rocker panels were solid bondo from front to back. It looked OK with the black lacquer paint job I had put on it along with refinishing all of the wood interior and replacing the carpets myself and doing a brake job. I just couldn't sell it to him. But they really loved the ride. It is one of my best memories of both of them. After the ride I had moved up a peg with both of them, especially Faliero.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> "Adia Voya"
> Brian,i suspect that that would be a "Dio Boia".Literally it would be"God is
> an executioner" But it get different meanings.Soemtime,peopel use "Boia" as
> an exclamation word.especially when they are surprised or amazed by
> something.Brian,that made me laugh!i can picture that florentine old
> man,bustin out bad words a-la -florentine style!ahahahahahahahahaahahah!
> Matteo Brandi Fiorenza ITalia