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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 12:48:16 +0200
From: "matteo brandi" <bees.bfg@tin.it>
To: classic rendezvous bikelist <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]whats up?

dunno whats up with cr address,i tried to reply about the monte-cino thing ,but my posts didnt appear on the list.

im sendin this again,it didtn appear int helast post: Fred Rednor wrote: > Le confermo che Cino Cinelli (costruttore > delle biciclette Cinelli) era mio padre e > che aveva un rapporto di amicizia e di affari > con il Sig. Vasco Montelatici. It's not really an overly specific reply, although it is very nice. First, he confirms that Cino Cinelli (the builder of Cinelli bicycles) was his father. Then he states that Cino had both a friendship and a business relationship with Vasco Montelatici. I suppose the specifics of the business relationship are left to the reader's imagination. Also, he's very polite - the first sentence said something about being pleased to reply to your e-mail which was sent after the end of the holidays. I wish American businesses sent messages like this. Cheers, Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia

Fred i guess that the specifics of the business relationship are left into reader's imagination regardin any other brand and framebuilder.Saying so ,then we can go back to the topic that a Masi its not a Masi if it aint built by Faliero and so on for all the othe rbrands that have been discussed regardin this topic.I cant expect Mr.Cinelli to explain the whole thing to me,especially when he probably has a mailbox fulla mails to reply the very first day he got back from vacation.Anyway,ill write to him again,askin if he can be a bit more specific.If he will reply,ill be more than glad to share the new with the list.


Matteo Brandi Fiorenza Italia

PS:Dale,i replied to ur last email,but i dunno if u ever got it.