Re: [CR]More ebay offerings and items for sale directly to the list

To: (Classic Rendezvous)
Subject: Re: [CR]More ebay offerings and items for sale directly to the list
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 06:17:32 +0000

I forgot to mention in my last post about the items for sale. I have photos of all the items that I can send to you.

Steven Maasland Moorestown, NJ

1) a New Departure shop benchtop spare parts storage case. It has two opening
> drawers and an opening flap. I believe $30 plus shipping is a fair price.
> Please however be forewarned that it is quite heavy so delivery may be costly
> if you do not live near Philadelphia. I would also be more than happy to
> deliver it personally to the Trexlertown fall swap meet.
> 2) a Var 302 chain tool for $10 delivered
> 3) A chain whip for $10 delivered
> 4) A REG chain tool still in the original box for $10 delivered
> 5) A set of black Bullseye hubs (without skewers) built up with DT spokes and
> Araya Aero 4 tubular rims. They have seen little use. $50 plus shipping.
> 6) A set of 126 mm spacing Ofmega hubs built up with Mavic Spéciale Sport
> tubular rims with little used Regina extra 6-block freewheel and two old tyres
> (I believe they are Wolber, but I wouldn't count on riding on them as they are
> quite old.) $60 plus shipping.
> 7) A Hi-E front hub (without skewer) built up with Nisi Sludi 290 rim. $40 plus
> shipping.
> 8) A bundle of tubular rims, most of them used, but one pair of brand new never
> been built up ones. The new rims are FIR a pair of Isidis rims (32 hole), the
> other ones are as follows: a pair of 32 hole Mavic Mach 2 CD 2, a single 36
> hole Mavic GP4 with new decal, a single 32 hole Campagnolo Sigma Strada Hardox,
> a pair of grey 32 hole Mavic Spécial Services des Courses SSC and a single blue
> 32 hole Mavic Spécial Services des Courses SSC. I cannot recall the
> circumstances behind all the used rims being taken out of service but I can't
> imagine putting them away without be sure that they still in usable shape. For
> price I would like $100 plus shipping for all of them. I am basically asking
> for payment for the new unused FIR rims and throwing in all the others for free.