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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 13:43:10 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: [CR]early 60's Ideor
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I own one that is alleged to be 1960. It's a road bike with the original finish and "Bob Hansing's Montrose Bike Shop" sticker still intact. It's now set up as a fixed gear with not one stock part left save the adjustment screws in the dropouts.
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

--- Wayne Jolly wrote:

> Richard


\r?\n> A while ago I was fortunate to purchase a restored

\r?\n> Ideor "Professional".

\r?\n> Best estimates appear to be early 60's as many top

\r?\n> models were fitted with

\r?\n> the Brooks Narrow Rail Saddle.

\r?\n> According to the Ideor brochure (available from

\r?\n> Chuck S at

\r?\n> ) Ideor's were well equipped

\r?\n> with Campy Record HF

\r?\n> Hubs, Columbus Extra Light Tubing, Campy,

\r?\n> Stronglight and Magistroni cranks.


\r?\n> There are numerous former Ideor Track and Road bike

\r?\n> owners on the CRList. I

\r?\n> hope you are able to generate a good thread from

\r?\n> your query, I am looking

\r?\n> forward to learning more as many Ideor's were

\r?\n> imported to owners across

\r?\n> North America from perhaps as early as 1956/57 to

\r?\n> the early 60's.


\r?\n> Will all those Ideor owner's please stand up ???


\r?\n> Wayne Jolly, Toronto (Where weekend daylight is

\r?\n> getting shorter)


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\r?\n> > What can anyone tell me about Ideor bikes from the

\r?\n> early 60's?

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\r?\n> > Regards, Rich Robinson

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