RE:[CR]LIst managers notes- now research?

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Subject: RE:[CR]LIst managers notes- now research?
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:24:05 -0500
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This is interesting to me, I too am a little short in the knowledge department, Having gotten into biking towards the end of the timeframe, but not really paying much attention to some stuff that interests me now.

This list,and site, and sites like Sheldon Browns are really valualable to me, since the degree of useful info elsewhere is really small.

As an example, I bought a Hujsak Aero frame from a list member a couple years ago, before I joined. I tried to find some info about it, since it was reviewed by "Bicycling" I figured this would be easy. The only library in the Boston area that had bicycling older than 3 years in any form was Cambridge. This is about a half hour trip, not too long. The bike was supposedly an 1985, but there was no index for bicycling magazine. The librarian eventually found one online, probably a paid for index of some kind. The review was in 1983. Without the index, I would have had to go through the microfilms page by page. BTW the microfilms are negatives, and are by month with several different magazines per reel.

My other research projects havent gone as well, but I do often pick up clues etc from this list. I've had little luck on the internet, maybe I don't search well, but there seems to be little info more than a couple years old.

Thanks to everyone with the knowledge, and thanks for having some patience with those of us who are just getting it.

Steve Birmingham Lowell, Ma


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Yes, of course I need to acquire some information on my own and, I do try to conduct some Internet research before lobbing questions into the CR List. Yet, contacting the List is part of the research effort. My perception is that many Listers have deep and diverse knowledge of bicycling and may be able to point in a direction where I may do research. For example, Lou Deeter's reference to the Used Bike Buyers Guide. I didn't know such guides existed for bikes and components. Richard Cielec Chicago, Illinois wrote:The Used Bike Buyers Guide does a somewhat nice job of identifying year, but you need to know a little info yourself too. 1983 is generally close to the cutoff for Campagnolo Super/Nuovo Record, so if it is C-Record, Chorus, Athena, or the like OR indexed shifting of any kind, then it is a good bet that it is outside of the timeline. The acceptable exceptions are any custom lugged steel framebuilders from any year. The Used Bike Buyers Guide is available for $3 email version or $5 on disk. I also have a good selection of buyers guides to identify parts that might have been original for most production models from about 1981 on. If you want a copy of the guide, send paypal to this email address or check or other payment to: Louis Deeter 9235 Ridge Pine Trail Orlando FL 32819