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From: "Raoul Delmare" <>
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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 10:05:34 -0500

Welcome Sam !

Sounds as if you've strayed far from home , but found some great places to ride !

There should be some very interesting vintage bicycles to see , where you are now !

Raoul Delmare
Marysville , Kansas , U.S.A.

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Subject: [CR]Intro

> Hi, I've kind of stumbled across this list while looking around the Classic
> Rendezvous site and thought it looked interesting so here I am. The welcome
> mail asked to present a little profile upon joining, so here goes.
> Name: Sam Alison
> Nationality: Australian
> Location: Prague, Czech Republic
> Current 'modern' bike: Billato, Columbus steel tubed - will soon go to fixed
> gear winter setup
> Dream modern bike: Richard Sachs with Chorus
> Current classic bike: 76(?) Raleigh Super Course Mk II - presently residing
> in Australia and being ridden by my Dad.
> Dream classic bike: Early 70's Cinelli Super Corsa
> Riding: Road, off-road, touring
> Cycling history: Previously seriously into mountain biking, now becoming
> more road oriented, but what I really like most is taking my road bike off
> road :-)
> Best rides: In and around Canberra, Australia. The Beskydy mountains, Czech
> Rep.
> Looking forward to learning lots about classic bikes on this list!


> Sam