Re: [CR]Re: Mafac center pulls on a Paramount

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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Mafac center pulls on a Paramount
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 17:35:23 -0500

Well jeepers ! I thought maybe they might have been an option for a little while .

But , that was just me thinkin' agin . I keep trying not to . I know it only gets me into trouble when I do it .


I guess I got confused by that odd period of time ( c. 1960 - 1964 ? ) when Paramounts came with chrome-plated Stronglight cottered steel cranksets , steel stems from Titan , aluminum handlebars from Titan , and aluminium seat-posts ( seat-pillars ) from Reynolds ( of England ) .

It was all kinda confusing for me .

I hang my head in shame .

Weinmann Forever !!

Please don't revoke my membership in the International Weinmann Appreciation Society ( I. W.A.S. ) .

I promise to try harder to do better .

Happy Cycling ,

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Subject: [CR]Re: Mafac center pulls on a Paramount

> Raoul, bite your tongue...Mafacs on a Paramount. And shame on those who
> installed them.
> Schwinn never offered any other center pulls than Weinmann. Even when Campy
> was the option, Weinmann was the standard equipment.
> Bill Curtis
> Costa Mesa, CA