Re: [CR]French 531 decals, also Frejus transfers & a question

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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 21:29:46 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]French 531 decals, also Frejus transfers & a question

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> 1)
> Anyone know of a source for the french language 531 decals ? The Frejus
> I got earlier this month
> has the remnants of one on the top tube next to the headset, and the
> bike is deserving of a cosmetic refurb-touchup. One of the items I'd
> like to replace is that transfer, and since I have several other late
> 60's-early 70's frames that have various bits of the frenchie 531
> stickers, I thought I'd ask if anyone out there has 'em? Don't recall
> seeing them on squee-bay recently at ALL.

Frejus frames were made in Torino Italy, I've never seen one with a French 531 sticker, so in this case I'd say it's entirely appropriate to use an English one. Which one, depends on if the frame is 531 in just the main tubes? or does it have 531 pattern forks? Most of the ones with 531 used it in the main tubes only and had Columbus forks and stays. That said, an all 531 bike can't be ruled out if it does indeed have 531 pattern fork blades.
> 2)
> I'd like to find the world championship foil band decals frejus used on
> the seat tube (mine has four) as well as the downtube transfer (mine's
> knackered from a loose ft derailler cable and some strange friction
> source)

Check with Ed Litton. 510-237-1132.
> 3)
> were Mavic-rimmed wheels really what these came with? The bike appears
> to be a 72, so I guess in the rush to market any old wheels coulda
> wound up on it, the ones it has now are record large flange with
> champione de mondo (or whatever the frech iteration is) stickers, but
> the rims are stamped monthlery! Oddly, the rear wheel is pristine
> unused and new never had a tire glued on. Likewise the universal
> centerpulls, and other assorted bits appear completely unused, but the
> front wheel has the blackening of the sidewalls due to the stippled
> metal finish of the rims. I am thinking of fiamme red labels, what say
> y'all.?

Fiamme or Nisi were more likely original equipment. They lace differently than French rims and will leave additional build marks on your hubs. Sounds like somone was piecing together a frame into a bike.
Stevan Thomas
Alameda, CA