[CR]Mystified by Galli

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From: PBridge130@aol.com
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 21:21:05 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Mystified by Galli

I don't get Galli. Simplex derailleurs and shifters. Stronglight cranks?



Made in France, I assume. Who made their brakes? I remember buying a pair of Galli Titanios (or somesuch) about 1977, substantially cheaper than Campy, with dreadful modulation and feel.

Anyone know any company history? Was this a gimmick by the French manufacturers, to try to take market share from Campy by offering another "Italian" product?

While I wonder about all this, who made Mavic brakes? I've spotted them in their original manufacturer name in the past, but I don't recall.


Peter Bridge
Denver, CO