[CR]Books and other items for Sale 26/3/03

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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 13:59:52 +0000
Subject: [CR]Books and other items for Sale 26/3/03
From: "Hilary Stone" <hilary.stone@blueyonder.co.uk>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>

Latest list of books and parts for sale to CR members before they go to Ebay. I can take photos if necessary. All items are priced in $. Shipping will be extra charged at cost. Payment can be made in cash with dollars or by money order in Pounds sterling ($1.60 to 1 GBP). American Express Travellers cheques in $ are also fine. I can take PayPal but I have to charge 5% extra to cover what my bank charges me. Regards Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

HOLDSWORTH WHEEL COVER Royal blue orange (1970s team colours) I have just one (not a pair) of these in excellent order $15

CYCLO 4-SPEED 1/8in FREEWHEEL NOS 14-20T NOS Perfect $45

CAMPAGNOLO PUMP ADAPTOR NOS from the 1970s/80s. $15

JOS TYPE T DYNAMO/LiGHT in generally very good order. $35

GNUTTI 3/32in 48T CHAINRING NOS from the 1950s. It is in excellent condition but does have one small mark. $25

ARAYA AERO RIMS 28H NOS Gorgeous - practically perfect condition and from the 1980s. $35

CINELLI UNICANITOR BLACK PLASTIC SADDLE 1960s - early example with adjuster bolt at the front and no padding. There are a few light scuff marks but nothing serious. A rare saddle. $30 A picture can be seen at http://images.andale.com/f2/118/129/2070911/1048003114024_Unicanitor_saddle. jpg

BROOKS COMPETITION SADDLE 1980s/90s NOS practically perfect and unusual with the medium sized copper rivets and a dressed top. The Competition saddle saddle rarely comes with a dressed top and unusually this has also saddlebag loops. $55 A picture can be seen at http://images.andale.com/f2/118/129/2070911/1048002795215_Brooks_Competition .jpg

GB SPORT MkIII BRAKE CALLIPERS Lovely Offered for sale are a lovely pair of GB Sport MkIII brake callipers complete with blue background nuts and dating from the late 1950s.$50 A picture can be seen at http://images.andale.com/f2/118/129/2070911/1048002896100_GB_Sport_Mk_III_ca llipers.jpg

CHAMPION ON TWO WHEELS 1975 Hugh PorterĀ¹s autobiography. 187pp Another excellent clean copy complete with virtually perfect dustjacket - why do several identical items sometimes turn up close together and then you do not see them for months or years? Hugh Porter was World Track Pursuit champion four times which was a record in itself. Plenty of photos. Hardback. $22

LEGENDS OF CYCLING by Peter Kent Kennedy Bros paperback 36 page book published in the 1970s which is well illustrated on the lesser known greats in cycling. Great reading. $12

THE EMPEROR (the Rik van Looy Story) by David Armstrong 36 pages with plenty of photos published by Kennedy Bros in the 1970s $12

ETERNAL SECOND The Raymond Poulidor Story by David Armstrong 34pages with plenty of photos published by Kennedy Bros in the 1970s $12

YELLOW JERSEY by Noel Henderson 36 pages with plenty of photos published by Kennedy Bros in the 1970s The story of the yellow jersey in the TDF by one of the foremost Brish cycle hisorians of the continental racing scene. $12

THE UNCROWNED KINGS OF CYCLING by Roger St Pierre 46 pages Bartali, Koblet, Magni, DeBruyne, Gaul, Bahamontes, Anquetil Excellent $12