Re: [CR]Kindness and generosity--Tom's New Sachs

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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 17:48:45 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Kindness and generosity--Tom's New Sachs

In a message dated 3/3/2003 4:17:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> And, if one of the listmembers has a bidding name of
> >red-turbo, then I would steer clear of Tom as your last second bid cost
> him almost $500!!! Lou Deeter, Orlando FL
> So if I'm bidding on something I want on eBay and I _don't_ win it, I
> should be watching my back?
> Chuck, holster your guns cowboy! I said that in jest as a comment about what happened in the last seconds of the bid. Tom and I had been anxiously awaiting the final seconds of the bidding. We had discussed whether it would inch up or go all of a sudden. It jumped in the last second from just about $1200 to $1613, so Tom is out a little more than he would have been without that bid, but still, he won it so he got it for within what he had allocated to pay. I have nothing against someone bidding, particularly red-turbo who I understand is not a listmember but a Richard Sachs fan, as am I. Just a comment is all I was making. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL