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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 07:06:57 -0500
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Now I get it. I was never replying to your message Chuck, but the earlier broader messages of Brandon Ives and Wayne Davidson that would encompass any early indexed shifting, You assumed my initial reply was relating to your post. It was not and the subtopic you had started was not my topic. Please keep better track of the threads before launching into corrections, further corrections etc.


Brandon wrote with the heading: Index is so ON topic (Re: [CR]Re: Allvit shifting) On Saturday, March 8, 2003, at 06:48 PM, Wayne Davidson wrote:
> Hi, regarding "INDEX" equipment, I always remember reading why the
> italians were so slow in developing this system, "why change what is so
> easy to do"

Index shifting existed for 30-40 years before the deraileur even hit the scene in the 30s in the form of internally geared hubs. Since the first multi-geared FW came as a group with the gear changer they were set-ups similar to today's groups. I can't see it would have been hard to make a shifter with indents or teeth similar to the internal hub shifters. I can't figure out why they didn't do it. I'm sure the same reasons that racers embraced index shifting 15 years ago would have made it popular 70 years ago had the makers provided it. Any thoughts?

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> Joe Bender-Zanoni wrote:
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> > Chuck, I have to differ with your pronouncement that two speed derailleur
> > shifting was not used. Based on your opinion the 17-21 two speed Cyclo
> > freewheel I have shouldn't exist. That's not a one tooth difference as you
> > cite for manual changes. And the teeth are profiled with an offset bevel on
> > the outside of each tooth to improve shifting with a derailleur. An
> > asymmetrical tooth profile wpuld make no sense for a manually changed setup.
> >
> > And even though my comment was something of a joke, the use of a two-speed
> > setup is so obvious that you should have held your tongue in the abscence of
> > actual knowledge. Short of being all knowing, proving something doesn't
> > exist is rather tough.
> Joe, I have to differ with your pronouncement of my pronouncement:
> The discussion was about indexing gear in the Tour de France. The
> Osgear Super Champion was the first derailleur to be used in the Tour de
> France (1937), and it indexed. It used a four cog freewheel.
> The two cog freewheels were mentioned as being used without derailleurs
> in the Tour de France previous to 1937. They were one tooth apart.
> Your example of a Cyclo 17, 21 two cog freewheel has nothing to do with
> the discussion at hand.
> You suggest that I "should have held (my) tongue in the abscence (sic)
> of actual knowledge" Wow! I guess I would suggest the same...
> Chuck "my, my, my" Schmidt

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