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Subject: RE: [CR]Faliero Masi interview (long)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 15:34:23 -0400
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Chuck, thanks very much for posting that interview! A few comments:

Snipped: "CB: Who was the first champion to win a major race on a Masi? FM: Magni, around 1924...And in 1942, I built frames for Learco Guerra."

Also snipped: "By 1924, the great Magni was winning races on Masi-built frames."

There seems to be a mistake here, whether it's due to the faulty memory of an 83 year old, or a gap in the process of translation through a third party. Masi was 16 years old in 1924, and it's highly unlikely that the first frames he ever built, at 16, were for professionals! And Fiorenzo Magni didn't begin racing professionally till 1941. (There was an earlier star, Antonin Magne, who was French, and won the Tour de France in 1931 and 1934. I doubt that Masi built for him!) Learco Guerra, by the way, won his last major race in 1942, when he was 40 years old, the Italian motor-pace championship at the Vigorelli. So between Guerra and Timoner (who was Spanish), Masi had quite a bit of success with motorpace events.

"CB: What Tours de France were won on Masi frames? FM: Bahamontes, Nencini, Riviere."

Riviere never did win the Tour. In 1960, he had a good chance of beating Nencini, but crashed on the descent of the Perjuret and was paralyzed. (Nencini was the fastest and most fearless descender of his day, as Magni was of his.) Had this not happened, he would have been Anquetil's toughest opponent in the '60's Tours; he was an excellent all-round cyclist, and nearly as good as Anquetil, if not as good or even better, against the clock. He was a 3-time winner of the world championship in the pursuit, and set the hour, 10km, and 20km records.

"FM: ...In 1946 I built the Raleighs."

Then the rumor is true that Masi built 3-speed utility bikes to keep his pot boiling? But seriously, I don't think Raleigh sponsored a continental team till the '70's (as TI-Raleigh).

"FM: ...Today's groups are 'tanto fumo, no arrosto' (all smoke and no fire)."

So Faliero didn't care much for C-Record?

Mordecai Silver