[CR]Northwest Vintage Bike Meet August 9-10

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Subject: [CR]Northwest Vintage Bike Meet August 9-10

Friends of the wheel.  It's official.  The Northwest Vintage Bike Meet will be held August 9-10  in North Bend Washington (AKA Twin Peaks if you ever watched the TV show).  Saturday's events will include a show and swap beginning at 10, and Sunday will include a ride in the gorgeous Snoqualmie Valley. 

The Show and Swap will take place at  E.G Roberts Park, Sixth street and Thrasher Ave. from 10 until 3.  There is not much parking in the park, so we will have an unloading area and then you can park on the adjacent street.  The park is small with trees and grass, picnic tables, kiddie play areas, real plumbing,  and a nice Frisbee field.  We will display the bikes in the shade of the trees.  You should bring bike holders, but there will also be a limited number of them available for sale.  There will be awards for Best American, Best Italian, Best English, Best French, and Best Other, in early (pre-'60) and late ('61-'83) categories, Best Tandem, Best Restoration, Best Unrestored, Best Fixed Gear, Best Tourist, and Best of Show.   Awards will be owner judged so all bike owners get to vote for their favorite.  You should plan on bringing a picnic lunch.  Refreshments will be available.  Additionally, it is North Bend Alpine Days.  So you may wander off downtown to check that out if you want, and get some food there, during or after the show.  See  <A HREF="http://www.alpinedays.com/">http://www.alpinedays.com/</A>    for more information. If you are bringing items to swap, you may want to bring a small table or a blanket on which to display them. Picnic tables are limited and may be needed for picnickers. The park will not be closed to the general public but we will reserve an area large enough.  But be considerate of the other users.  An $8 per person admission will help to pay for the organization cost, awards, refreshments,  and park fees.

Sunday we will meet at Snoqualmie Elementary School, just down the road from North Bend a couple miles West on Bendigo Way, where there is more parking, and ride a loop in the Snoqualmie Valley with some fun little detours.  There will be options for distance so everyone can ride.  The short ride will be 20 miles to Snoqualmie Falls and back, suitable for fixed gear.  The long ride will be 40 miles to Carnation and back, and includes one substantial hill of a mile in length and at least several hundred feet gain.  Either way, stop and see the breathtaking Snoqualmie Falls (see <A HREF="http://images.beggerlybend.com/photos/snoqfalls/"> http://images.beggerlybend.com/photos/snoqfalls/</A>)  The rides are 90% on two lane roads with beautiful scenery and no traffic.  For the longer ride we will stop for lunch in Carnation.  Bring spare tube, tools, etc as there will be no support.  Maps and cue sheets will be provided. 

How to get to North Bend  Since it is Alpine days you will have a hard time driving through the middle of town.  In fact there is a parade starting at 10:30 downtown.  So from Seattle, Take exit 27 (Snoqualmie-North Bend).  This will put you on North Bend Way heading East.    In 2.5 miles bear left onto NW 8th St. Then bear right on Bendigo Way (SR202).  Follow it as it makes a right turn, and then take the first left on Third St.  In two blocks go left on Ballarat.  Then in two blocks go right on Sixth St.  Go five blocks and the park will magically appear on your right.  Turn on Thrasher Ave and park there, or park on Sixth.  Do not block anyone's driveway. 

If you are coming from out of town.  We would be glad to see you.   Lodging can be found at <A HREF="http://search.worldpages.com/bin/cgidir.dll?MEM(8&CID)&T=North+Bend&S=WA&QVEE8DA9B064E93E85CF3203O03EE2E3DB064E93E40303203&FUNC=INPROG&C=Motels+&LATITUDEG4760&LONGITUDE=-1217624&TTL=Distance&ACTION=Standard">these places</A> in North Bend.  You can also stay in Issaquah (15 miles), Bellevue (25 miles), Snoqualmie Summit (25 miles). You should make reservations now as this is a busy time in this area.   Let me know if you can't get the above link to work and I will send it to you in a form that will.  If you are flying in and need to ship a bike here, you can send to the store address below. 

See you there!

Bob Freeman <A HREF="www.elliottbaybicycles.com">Elliott Bay Bicycles</A> 2116 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98121 206-441-8144 <A HREF="www.davidsonbicycles.com">Home of Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles</A>