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Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 17:18:13 EDT
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<< Anyhow, she was very impressive on the bike and off. >>

Marianne B. raced in my <A HREF=""> CAROLINA CUP</A> race about 10 years ago (?) and for some reason I expected a variation on the stuck up racer attitude, especially as she had received so much press and was such a physically attractive woman. During the event, I saw her in the distance, riding around warming up and then during the race (I think she won) She was more beautiful than she appeared in the magazines, very petite and classy. After the race, as we were handing out the awards, she pushed her way through the crowd and sought out the event promoter (me!) She communicated her thanks for putting on the race and she was so sincere and charming that I was absolutely astonished, She seemed so sincere and unassuming, I became a fan for life! Dale

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