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We differ here. My original-finish 1969/70 Super--which you have seen--has the fluffy flower, as do my two '72-ish Supers. In my experience the bigger, fluffier flower was standard on the dt lug on all Supers until 1976 or so. Sometime in there the cutout-shape changed to the smaller flower, with a slightly different profile. Matt Gorsky's 1977 green Super has this smaller flower with the long-point lugs.

Most of the time the smaller flower is seen with the fork crown that has *Colnago* stamped in it, around a smaller flower stamping similar to, but not the same as, the one on the dt. The frame on ebay is different, and I still think what happened was it was just assembled that way...the older crowns were probably still around..

I'm confused by what you said below...I can't believe a 1970 Super would have the smaller cutout on the dt lug. Every early 70s Super I've ever seen had the bigger, fluffier cutout. Yes, the profile is slightly different (the bottom of the flower on the very early frames is flatter than on slightly later frames), but the overall *size* of the cutout is distinctly larger than what you see on the ebay frame.

I suppose I should take some pics to clarify this.

Charles Andrews

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> Charles,
> I just looked at my '70 anf my '74 for lug gutout shape. The early bike
> has the "slimmer" club with the flat bottom to the stem. The '74 has the
> "puffy" club with the rounded bottom. I conclude that when the stopped
> doing 3 lug cutouts in '73 they changed to the puffy style cutout in the
> bottom headlug only. I'm still in favor of late '74 on this one only on
> account of the crown. Does anyone have what is positively a '75 with
> original paint and decals? My guess there: crown with club and "Colnago"
> on top, small oval in BB shell, fork tang is a crapshoot but I say a
> small club in most. Anyone? There is a funny decal "snafu" that appears
> on frames from about 1973 we can talk about later.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
> >
> > Brian Baylis wrote, in part:
> >
> > "Perhaps the
> > frame is later in '74 as opposed to earlier. I wouldn't be
> > surprised if
> > the '75's all had the oval. I'm still in favor of '74."
> >
> > I think this frame is later than that, for one reason: the
> > flower cut-out on the dt lug is smaller, less fluffy shape
> > commonly seen around 1977 or 1978. Also, note that the
> > flower stamp on the *fork* IS the fluffier shape. This
> > suggests any number of things. The fork may be a
> > replacement...but I think it's more likely that when this
> > frame was built, forks with both varieties of crown were
> > available, and the frame was simply assembled with the
> > earlier fork-crown.
> >
> > Although the picture is fuzzy, there's no doubt in my mind
> > that the flower cut-out in the dt lug is the later style.
> > There was a period of a couple of years in the late 70s when
> > Colnagos were made with the older long-point lugs, but the
> > later, smaller, cutout. This transition seems to have
> > ended by 1981 or so, when the medium-point lugs were
> > standard, and the cutout itself may have gotten even
> > smaller. But I haven't checked that latter fact, I'm
> > relying on memory.
> >
> > Charles "Colnago nut" Andrews
> > SoCal
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